29 June - 10 July

Are you curious about programming but don't know where to start? Do you like meeting new people and learning new things? Then you've come to the right place!

Pink Programming presents an online C# course for beginners. Teacher-led lessons will be combined with hands-on programming tasks—all to give you the best possible programming start.

Pink Programming’s summer coding camps are dearly loved among their participants and new friendships have been forged every summer for the past five years. We don’t want to pass on this despite this year’s theme of social distancing. We will offer online summer courses that are unlike anything you’ve seen before! 

You will learn how to pair program—a hot skill and a great way to learn FAST. During the camp, we will mix things up with fun social activities like cook-alongs, yoga, and games. You will also meet female developers from one of our main sponsors, Sigma, who will tell you about their journeys and be available to answer all of your questions.

C# is a very popular programming language. It is great for building complex web applications and especially good for creating Windows desktop applications. Also, it is used in the most popular game engine, Unity, for developing games and virtual reality. It is the crown jewel of Microsoft’s .NET framework and .NET developers are in high demand.

About the course

We will start from scratch, introducing the C# programming language. The lessons will be interactive: you will write your own code from the start, and get plenty of help and feedback. Programming is a lot of fun, and at times even addictive. We feel very excited about introducing it to you! You will not be a fully-fledged C# developer after this camp, but you will know what programming is about and you will have enough knowledge to explore the limitless learning resources that are available online. At the end, you will get a certificate that shows that you completed the course.

Expected learning outcomes

After the course, you will know or have an understanding of:

  • You will learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio - a powerful development environment where we will write our code. 
  • Basic programming concepts that are present in all programming languages, such as variables and control structures. 
  • How to use data structures such as loops, arrays, and methods.
  • Object-oriented and functional programming. 
  • How to create simple interactive console applications.

All you need to know

Where and When

  • Online June 29th - July 10th
  • 12.00 - 16.00 (approximate times, may be adjusted)
  • There are no requirements to do homework or assignment in between workshops/lectures, but you are of course welcome to pair up with other participants or study by yourself in between
  • There will be no arranged activities during the weekend

Who is this camp for?

  • We recommend this camp for those that are new to programming. It may not be the right course for you if you already have some programming experience in other languages.
  • We welcome all women-identified, whether they are girls, aunts, ladies, cis or trans. Our camps are also open to those who do not identify themselves as women but, because of gender identity, do not feel represented among programmers.
  • Detailed instructions on which programs to download and install will be communicated ahead of time.
  • You need access to a computer where you are allowed to install software.
  • Your computer must have audio and video capabilities, and you also need access to a reliable Internet connection.  

What is the price?

  • Corporate Price: 5999 SEK (For companies that want to send their employees)
  • Regular Price: 2999 SEK 
  • Student or unemployed Price: 2499 SEK 

What is included in the ticket price?

  • A course in C# programming for beginners.
  • A certificate that you completed the course.
  • Activities and team-building exercises with participants and teachers.

Which language will the class be in?

Lectures will be held in Swedish. We will be able to provide explanations and help in English.


Your friends at the camp

Charlotte Magnusson
C# Teacher

Charlotte lives in Uddevalla and studies .NET at IT-Högskolan. She has worked, among other things, as a painter, assistant nurse and fitter at Volvo. She has noticed that she gets bored if she lacks challenges and personal development at work, so she decided to become a programmer. It is fun and challenging and she learns new things all the time, and there is always something else to learn! Now she wants to show that anyone can become a developer, regardless of background and technical knowledge!

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Johanna Svallingson
Code Mentor

Johanna lives in Göteborg and studies Java at IT-Högskolan, and she really enjoys it! Previously she has worked as a textile artist and a care assistant. She had no previous knowledge of IT or computers, but she is totally hooked. She likes programming because it is creative, social and provides plenty of problem solving. It is a bit like solving crosswords and sudokus all day long :) She is super stoked at teaching programming to beginners this summer!

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Maria Scharin
Camp Coordinator

Maria has been in tech since High School, and always missed a more diverse school/work environment. When she was a guest lecturer at a Pink Programming camp in 2017, it was instant love. She adores the community that Pink are building, and the way they are changing the world, one event at the time. Maria will coordinate the practical details for this camp, and she is super excited to work with Charlotte and Johanna (talk about role models!) this summer!

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